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My wife and I made this very tasteful Filipino food because we missed Philippines so much that we decided to cook Lumpia by our own ingredients and method. There are varieties of rendition of lumpia that were popularized in the Philippines the usual is the Lumpiang Shanghai, which has meat as its basic ingredients, the turon, which mixed with banana and sugar coating, and any other type you would prefer whether you're a vegetarian or a meat-lover.

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Things to buy:

1.5 kilo grounded pork

30pcs spring roll wrappers or more

1pc onion minced

2pcs egg

4pcs cloves garlic minced

1pc medium size carrot minced

1pc large size potato minced

and some salt and pepper to taste

My luv's cooking procedure:

1. Mix all ingredients but put aside the wrapper
2. In a wrapper, put some tablespoon of the mixture and spread evenly and wrap very well.
3. After wrapping it, fry until the lumpia is golden brown. Note: fry it in a low or moderate heat so that the mixture and meat inside will be cooked perfectly and to not burn the wrapper.

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Wow! I like to eat that especially with coffee. Pour coffee in the rice. Batangas style heheeh

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Wow! Penge po! :)

Special! I miss that...