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“Philippines Igorot Dance Performance from the COLDILLERA REGION MABICAN FOUNDATION in the NETHERLANDS will perform Cultural Dance . First of all , a song of FREEDOM then ALIVE GONG performance and then we shall be treated to a COMMUNITY DANCE that traditionally celebrate GOOD HARVEST AND VICTORY and you dance till you get tired and DROP! “ - INTRODUCTION spoken by the EMCEE .

The performance from our country Philippines in The Netherlands . I’m little bit late to come in the festival but I’m greatful that the time I arrived , it’s the number of our Fellowmen . I didn't missed it!! That’s more than a luck. I don’t speak the dialect in the song but I felt the spirit of the Philippines while watching them performing. I normally see that dance and costumes when I go to Baguio and that was more than 10 years ago. I am very happy too see them on the stage.

I hope you enjoy watching.

Goodnight and Good morning Everyone.

Live Love and World Peace!

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I like your post very much It's great to read the post.


Thank you . You can watch the video too if you want ;) I'ts one of our traditional dance .

Really interesting to see your video 😀

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Thanks for watching the video @coconut-channel, I appreciate it .



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