Forgiveness and Letting Go

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A photo collage won't justify how remarkable my 29th year was, so I compiled these video clips to immortalize that chapter of my life. It may not be my favorite phase, and certainly not something I'd like to go through all over again, but those moments are worth remembering, for it taught me so many life lessons.

Describing this as a tough year is an understatement. It came to a point where things got so overwhelming, it was too chaotic, that getting up seemed like a chore. Staying in bed, and sleeping things off became my refuge, hoping things will be better when I wake up.

But some pain are so profound, that even the strongest analgesics won't suffice. You're just too devastated to mend overnight. So each morning you wake up and things are still heavy, you remind yourself to take it one day at time. You hold on to that old saying that goes, time heals all wounds, keeping your fingers-crossed that one day, at the right time, those wounds would hopefully be healed.

And then one day, on one random conversation, I was venting out (haha), this person told me, not to hold on to that anger and pain, and just let it go.

Let it go.

Yes, everything did not magically got better, but it became lighter each day. And then I realized, that time isn't the answer. The minute you decide to just let things go, is the moment you liberate yourself from anger, bitterness and misery. It wasn't easy, it was a process, and lots and lots of prayers.

To all those who listened, who had my back, when I badly needed one, I am forever grateful. Your presence is God's way of reminding me that He is with me. Thank you for your never ending patience, for always trying to understand, and for being with me even when I am not in the best version of myself.

I sincerely apologize for the time that I let my emotions get the best of me, for being stubborn and grumpy, for the times that I put you in an uncomfortable situation for my convenience. I'm so sorry for the days that I am so toxic, hard to deal with and not fun to be around.

Looking back on those difficult days, I thought, seeing these people suffer, having them repent and apologize for what they did, are the only way to forgive them. But I was told that forgiveness is not something you do for others, its something that you do for yourself.

Now, I get it. ♥️

Its a wrap guys! I'm officially 30. 👵🏻

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