Baktas Oplan Tsinelas

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Today, I want to express my gratitude to the people who supported the fund raising campaign for Krayola Project Movement's Baktas Oplan Tsinelas.

Because of your kindness we were able to raise 84 pairs of slippers for the kids. 36 pairs came from @bluesapphire06, 27 pairs from the collected funds, and rest came from anonymous donors.

Here is the detailed report of the collected funds:


Glad, I was able find some decent pairs at a good rate within the local market here in our town. Didn't had a hard time buying slippers. The 3rd store that I went to was a blessing. The lady was very accommodating and answers my questions patiently.


I asked the old lady to give me a receipt so I can show it to you guys. She said they don't have an Official Receipt right now, but she gave me this instead:


I bought 3 dozens of size 5-7 which cost 40Php each pair, and 1 dozen of size 8-9 which is at 50Php. Total amount is 2,040.00Php

On that same day, I endorsed the slippers to Kim, he's my workmate and also part of the Krayola Project Movement team.

I wasn't able to attend the activity because I was still on travel last Saturday, October 27. So I asked Kuya Randall and Mcrey if I could use their photo.



For more photos you may visit Mcrey or Kuya Randall's Facebook Account.

I wanted to attend the activity so much, but because of the conflict in schedule it wasn't possible. However, few days ago, Kuya Randall messaged me that there will be a second batch this November 24, because they received so many slippers from different donors. The 84 slippers from Steemit Family was reserved and will be given to the next batch this month. Yaaay! I was so happy when he told me about it, coz I wanted to be personally present when the slippers will be given to the kids. I want to take videos and photos for you amazing donors so even if you guys are not around you can witness how happy the kids are because of your kindness. I'm so excited.

There will be no word that would suffice how grateful I am for your generous hearts. Here's an adorable post card that I found in Canva App to let you know how much I appreciate your support even if you're miles away, even if we don't know each other personally, and for believing in the Baktas Oplan Tsinelas Project. 💙



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