16 February 2021


Today, we had 9 new cases, 8 of them are close contacts of a local case. The index case has not been identified until now. We also have 3 previous cases that the source is still unknown.

Its also harder to do contact tracing nowadays since people are already being stubborn. Some of them no longer believes in COVID and they opt to believe the memes or fake news posted on Facebook. LOL. Some would lie about their travel history and will not disclose their close contacts because they fear that they will be blamed if those people will be advised to do home quarantine and will be swabbed.

This is making all our work so much harder.

Its exhausting and draining everyday. I just want all these to stop already. We don't want to settle arguments and issues all the time. Its really really tiring.

Sorry, I have to let it out. I hope tomorrow's gonna be less toxic.

Goodnight. :)

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