Intro to self to a steemian friend (@lisnizar)

in philippines •  last year  (edited)

Hi everyone how are you? Of course you're fine right? I just joined social media steemit and let me introduce myself first to all of you are. My name is @lisnizar I was born on 02 December 1980 in Aceh, and live in leubu mesjid, Indonesia. I am a teacher and I am single. I am match teacher at senior high school in lhokseumawe.


I have a father, mother, three sisters, three brothers, young sister, and young brother. They are always support me for every problem and always make me happy. My hobby is reading and walking. In addition to reading and walking my hobby is shopping and writing. Every time i like to reading the newspaper in my school. When i have a good news i will share in my blog, facebook, and the other media social what i have. I was introduced steemit by my friend, he is a teacher too.


thank you for visiting my blog. Success continues for all steemit communities wherever located.

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Hello and welcome to the amazing community of steemit....I really hope you enjoy your time here....I must say you are very pretty in hijab


Terima kasih sudah mau menerima saya disteemit walaupun saya masih banyak kekurangan

Welcome to Steemit @lisnizar. Above intro is good, looking around for further post, hope you do so. :)


Saya akan lebih banyak belajar lagi, terima kasih

welcome to steemit where all the interesting writing will be get the rewads


Terima kasih, saya mau diajarin biar lebih bisa lagi dalam tulisan saya

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Terima kasih, saya mohon petunjuknya kalau saya masih dalam kekurangan

Hello, I'm Oatmeal Joey, and you are nice.



Sudah di vote, vote back key @lisnizar