My beautiful SWEET-Filipina-pinay Wife Angelley when we met showing her love - Filipina Love story for steemit

in philippines •  2 years ago 

Having recently shared some photos of my wife Angelley

I had to share this video
It was shot 5 years ago and I was about to depart on a return trip to the UK leaving her behind
She created a drawing and through her drawing, she was showing her love for me

I know many of you guys think that Filipina girls are just after one thing that's money, you couldn't be more wrong.

Take a look at this video and see for your self (2012)

5 years on from this video we are happily married with a bundle of joy living between London and Cebu Philippines
Watching this video still brings a tear to my eye.

There are many websites, dating agencies to meet a lady from the Philippines
My advise if you are seeking a Filipina wife go there! Don't get confused with Thailand as many western guys do
You won't find a life long partner if you have to pay a bar fine!
///////so remember that///////

Filipina's are very polite and give you huge respect if you respect them, go to a mall (there are plenty) sit down have a coffee and if you see a girl you like to approach her with respect and offer a coffee, if she excepts then she likes you then go from there

A recent photo 2017 with our bundle of joy


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Thank you for really finding true beauty and love from Filipina.
I wish you all the best of life to your family.

Woohoo! Go pinays! She’s beautiful and you are both very lucky to have each other :D