Biri Island - Amazing rock formations

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Off of Samar's north coast, Biri Island is famous for its thousands of years old rock formations, carved by the strong waves of the Pacific ocean. The rocks are spectacular and the scenery breathtaking.

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There are two main areas where you can see the rock formations, only half a mile from the village. The first one you'll visit is the Bel-at rock formation, around it, are Puhunan, Macadlaw, and Caranas. The path leading to the rocks start with a 500 meters boardwalk through the mangrove then you'll be able to go around and up Bel-at. On the way back you can enjoy a dip in the crystal clear natural pool.

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Next, you'll visit Magasang and Magsapad rock formations. You'll cross the sea at low tide when all the black rocks appear and climb up Magasang rock, the view, the color, the rock, everything is amazing.

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Biri rock formations are truly amazing, it really is a one of kind destination. You won't see anything like it in the Philippines, it's unique. I could have stayed there all day and just look at it. The rocks create a barrier with the Pacific ocean, beyond them, the waves come crashing onto the rocks, giving the site a dramatic touch.

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How to arrange your trip to Biri Island:

The first boat is around 7 and the last boat from the mainland is at 5 pm and departs from Lavezares. It leaves when full, if you don't want to wait you can offer to pay for the remaining seats. Regular fare is 50 pesos. The first and last boats are usually the ones that get full faster.

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There are plenty of accommodation options from budget to expensive resorts. You can find rooms for as low as 300 pesos. Most of them are not online. Don't worry about getting there without a prior booking, just ask the habal-habal driver, he'll know where to take you.

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The electricity is now running full time.

Eating options are scarce but as the island is opening up to tourism more and more options are available. The tourism office has a cheap restaurant, and most guesthouses let you use their kitchen or can cook for you for a small fee.

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The best time to visit the rock formations is during low tide, so make sure of the tide before going. Most of the rocks are not accessible during high tide. It takes about 2 to 3 hours to visit depending on how long you want to stay at each place.

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It can be done as a day trip from the mainland, but as the tide is low during the afternoon you might miss the last boat back.

You can also organize sunset and sunrise watching with the tourism office.

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It's mandatory to have a guide with you when visiting the rock formations. The tourist office will arrange for the driver/guide, you'll pay 300 pesos for the guide and 295 for the habal-habal. You can be up to 3 people. The conservation fee is 50 pesos.

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