Behind the Scene: Beautiful Cloud Snap at CPA

Hey steemians, I would like to share this photo during our site inspection at Cebu Port Authority Project extension located in Cebu City. Our project here in CPA is dredging and disposal works of waste materials with a contract amount of almost 300 million.

Well, this photo taken by @annjadeadubo and with @jhoy as one of the steemian engineers from Cebu. Actually this picture is supposedly a solo picture of yours truly in where I find it attractive because of the cranes or equipment at the back and the limitless view of the sea. After awhile, after the pic captured, I look at my cellphone OPPO F3 and what made me interested was the Beautiful Cloudy Snap formation above.. The formations of the clouds is unique view and you can truly appreciate the beauty of Nature as a Gift from Our Almighty Father.

What lessons I got here is I believe this quoteExpect the Unexpected things or happenings or events in your daily life. The amazing clouds is not the focus point just like in real life none of life's paths are predictable ( what is expected) so always be prepared anytime for
the changes in plans . If everything goes right, that is fine. If not, you are ready to go with the flow in life.

Indeed, this picture of mine is included in my Picture Perfect.



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wow what an amazing shots you look really gorgeous, hope you had a great time.


Yes i had a great time during this photoshoot. Thanks to you my dear @yassinof have a great time tiMe too.

ka nice sa cloudsssss ug sa model pud <3


Wahahhaha nawani ang model shei..sad truth hehehe

It is a great photograph and description of it.
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