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Filipinos are bound to be hospitable and responsible. In terms of way of living I can say that despite of the struggles we are facing still we managed to smile 😊 .

A wet market is a market selling fresh meat and produce, distinguished from dry markets which sell durable goods such as cloth and electronics.

A wet market, not all people like to go places like this. In a fact that it is crowded, bad smell and not clean to stay longer. But don’t you know? The wet market has its own unique appearance in terms of selling products because it is fresh and low cost price. Yes it is ! the consumer can demand for low price like they want to ask a ‘tawad’ in English ‘lowering the price from its original value’. That is how the work cycle happened in Wet Market.

I’ve been in the Wet Market most of the time and I could tell that all the sellers is having a competition to sell their products just to gain a lot of ‘Suki’ or in English consumers.

As I walk passing by the vendors in the sidewalk, I can see the tiredness and hardship in their faces even though they are smiling but deep inside I know they are tired. The wanted ness to give up, to rest but in other part they can’t because their family is waiting and they need money to provide their needs. When they shout to get the attention of the people to buy their products, making tactics or strategies is the thing I really proud about them.
I enjoy hearing their Shouts to make the consumers buy their product. Like ;

‘’Miss 1Kilo of Fish Please, its still fresh !’
‘‘Pretty ! Vegetables Fresh na Fresh like You !’’
‘‘Maam! Sir! Fruits please. its sweet that you can forget your problem ‘

and a lot more. I'm happy in the fact that Filipinos could be really responsible like this. I can see that Filipinos doesn’t defined status in society in order to live. It’s the hardship, perseverance and Faith in God.

Everyday I went to the wet market, i felt loved from the people aside that they already know me because I'm already their 'suki' but the fact that they talk about me and give me inspirational stories to be a better person. I learn a lot from them, they make me complete and set as a good example to be followed by youth in this generation.

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nice post jev. :)


hahah Thank you Yen :)