West 35 of Gaas, Balamban, Cebu

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Hello there steemit friends, I just want to share my long ride travel at West 35 Eco Mountain Resort. It was my first time to visit the place, West 35 is located in Gaas of Balamban, it was named West 35 probably beacause the site is 35 kilometers away from the mainland of Cebu City and the place is positioned in west part of Cebu. If you're planning to have a team building or even to unwind from the busy life of the city, give West 35 a visit and see for yourself the beauty of the mountain resort.

Here are my snaps of the place.



The resort offers a wide variety of veggies because they grow their own organic vegetables. They also have fun field activities like ziplines, playground for kids and they also offers function rooms for special events. The best part of the place is the scenery that view the wide area of Balamban mountains to the coastline of Tsuneishi Shipyard.


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