Would you like to be a kid again? CARIBBEAN WATER RESORT PARK - Bulacan PHILIPPINES

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This PIRATE themed resort is perfect for family getaway that children will be really entertained by the different cartoon characters setting near the pool area with 7 kinds of slides.


Vikings 🚢

Bumper Boat 😍

They also have overnight accomodations 🏠
(Airconditioned Rooms , Dining Area, Private Toilet and Bath)

or you can stay in cottages and Big Umbrellas
🏠 ♥

Caribbean Water Park is located at Bgry. Pulong Sampaloc, Doña Remedios Trinidad Bulacan an hour and half drive from SM North EDSA via NLEX (North Luzon Expressway). We only use motorcycle so we can save time (because traffic in McArthur Highway is heavy) and money (coz we spend 200 pesos for back and forth for the gasoline instead of 300 per person if we join in jeepney service with my friends)


We visit this resort with my High School batchmates to celebrate my 24th birthday ❤ 🍰

Take a look to our delicious Lunch foodies 🍛 🍗 🍢

Grilled Bangus and Tilapia filled with tomato and onion (Local Fish 🐟 )

🍛 🍝 Adobong Pusit , Cucumber with Vinegar, Chicken Buffalo ♥

Hope you love this place too ♥♥♥

#ChoosePhilippines #DiscoverMNL

Thank you for reading my post ♥


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You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

They also have overnight accomodations 🏠.
It should be accommodations instead of accomodations.


thank you :)

wow, this looks so great , your post looks nice


Yeah its a nice resort 😊

Nice shooting. Being a kid again is what everyone may be wish to but it's simply impossible.


We can be always be a kid at heart ♥ Enjoy life :)

Hey Beautiful Honey Wanderer, I'm Oatmeal Joey Arnold, and you are beautiful, adventurous, exciting, fun, lovely friends, great photos. So jealous hehe. Wanna go there and have fun.


Where you from? Hope you could visit Philippines and have an adventurous stay here. @joeyarnoldvn


From America. Was in Vietnam. How are you?


I`m good ☺ Back to work after 4 days of Holiday. Notify me if you visit Philippines ☺