How Children Can Help With Fussy Babies

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We love our baby sister.
We can make her laugh and smile so easy. We talk to her and we tell her she's beautiful because she is.


When she is fussy,

my Nanay (mom) feeds her. Or if she's not hungry, change her diaper. And if she's still fussy, then she holds her and rocks her to sleep.

When my mom gets tired, my Tatay (dad) rocks her to sleep. And feed her. And change her diaper.

But sometimes, she is so silly. She doesn't want to go to sleep and she cries so hard.

We put her in the walker and I push her around because she enjoys it. My little sister helps and my little brother helps too. If we keep going around, she finally goes to sleep like that in the picture.

Yay! She's finally sleeping.

We don't like it when she's sad and crying.

My Nanay can pick her up now and let her sleep on her rocker.

Now we have to play quietly, or else.

What else can you do to help a fussy baby go to sleep?

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It is good that you help your parents take care of your little sister.

Your little sister looks so beautiful @futurefarmers. I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers, and like you if any one of them fell asleep our house become quieter than a church, because we knew if the sleeping baby was to wake before my mum had chance clean the house we were all for the high jump so to speak.

Take care and thank you. Keep up the good work and looking forward to more of your posts. Here;s to your steemit success. @racykacy


Thank you @racykacy. What do you mean by high jump?

My mom gets frustrated sometimes when she wakes back up so fast after she goes to sleep. My mom and dad always tell us nap is good for our brain. If baby girl wakes up, we just have to play with her again or to keep it from happening, we all have to take a nap too.


When I say high jump it refers to us being in trouble off our mum if we woke the baby,, and we did many a time hehe Stay safe @racykacy


Oh I understand now :) Thanks


Yay happy days @futurefarmers and be quiet so you don't wake the baby. LOL @racykacy