SHOWTEK - Plus 63 Music Festival - Sinulog 2018

in philippines •  11 months ago

January 20,2018 - Cebu, Philippines -- A feast of Sto Nino, this year had been one of the most organized Sinulog festival we have witnessed,sinulog.PNG while being able to maintain that festival vibe.

The day before the celebration is a music festival we joined! The video below is one of our take on celebrating it, joined by one of the most attended festival on the weekend Plus 63 music festival with a hardstyle DJ guest SHOWTEK.


With this year's celebration it was better, when it comes to the people and the young "cool kids" are less spotted and seen; the rowdy, bottle breaking shadow boxers and binge drinkers had been better. The crowd of people had been controlled well by the local government with the better guidance of the Mayor.

photo grabbed:

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