One with Nature

in philippines •  2 years ago  (edited)

As my introduction, here’s a collage of photos that represent the 4 elements, and a simple quote that speaks about my connection to nature.

The fire ignites my heart.
The air stimulates my mind.
The earth fortifies my body.
The water invigorates my soul.

For now, I hope this tells you a little something about me and the stuff I love to do. I will be featuring each of the awesome location in this picture, next time. Please follow and stick around for more!

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@oddsome oddsome it is! :D


Welcome to Steem kabayan. Good luck.

Salamat, kabayan!

Walang anuman kabayan. Good luck.

Welcome kabayan. Good luck.

welcome to steemit world . Always Remember 5 points..
1)Never copy paste content from any where ..
2)It can take some time but if you work hard , God will definitely give you success..
3)Never abuse anyone or post haterade content on steemit..
4)Daily post will increase your REPUTATION SCORE (number by the side of your name)
Reputation score is mainly based on upvotes and comments .
No matter what you post ,if it gets upvotes and comments then reputation score will increase
Don't let anyone flag you or downvote you..
5)Your first post should be your introduction..
I wish you success
You can follow me @be4u

Thanks for the helpful tips and for wishing me success!

Welcome to steemit fret !

Thanks! You inspired me!haha

love the quote and the collage! excited to follow you...

Thanks! Glad u liked it! I’m also looking forward to ur posts! 😊

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