Discover Philippines: YOLO Weekend at Rizal

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YOLO is an acronym for You Only Live Once. It is an expression commonly used especially by millennials nowadays which means that we must make the best of of every moment because we only have one lifetime (Except for those who believe in reincarnation).

I had a YOLO weekend at the province of my friend— Rizal, Philippines. It is located 16
Kilometers east of Manila. It was named after Jose Rizal, the Philippine National Hero.

It was a weekend full of fun, food, friendship and memories.

These are my best friends in one of the circle of friends that I have.


In Rizal, one of the tourist destinations is the Pinto Art Museum. The place is Santorini-inspired. In different areas of the museum are various paintings and different kinds of artworks that will surely leave you in awe.





There are restaurants inside the museum. We ate our dinner in one of the restaurants there.


One of the most famous waterfalls near Metro Manila is the Daranak Falls in Tanay, Rizal. The entrance fee is just less than a hundred pesos that’s why a lot of people go there. It has also been used as the location for some famous movies and TV shows.

Just a 10-minute hike from Daranak Falls is a nearby waterfall names Batlag Falls. The entrance there is higher than that of the Daranak Falls. We enjoyed swimming because there were just few people there .



For our food, we brought a “boodle fight”. In the Philippines, it is a meal wherein ideally, the food is placed on banana leaves. There is rice in the middle and there are different kinds of viands around and above the rice. For our viand, we had hotdog, salted egg, fried milkfish, eggplant and tomato.


This is the part of Rizal where the windmills are.


We also went to Regina Rica, a famous pilgrimage place.


In any trip, trying different foods is a must. Here are some of our food trip.

Great place, good food and amazing friends will surely make any travel memorable. As they say, YOLO, so carpe diem!

If you want to have a vacation near Metro Manila, Rizal is the place to be.

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Nice sharing! It's my province too!

Looking forward to your sharing about your province 😀

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