How To Be A Successful Couple

in philippines •  5 months ago

Today what things I did to improve myself. I ask this question to myself many people are not doing this because they compare themselve to others people but me I do the opposite. 

I wrote a daily journal so that maybe this way is a tool to improve myself.

I'm a married guy at the age 28 and my wife was eight year young than me. She is young so I always adjust to her attitude. We are newly wed last may 19 this year 2018.

New Journey

I don't think being married is difficult many couple I observe months they are together and get break in their relationship. They marrying the girl or guy but in a short period of time they go to annulment. 

Why they do that ?

Maybe they not understand the process.

Married life is a journey, not marathon. Even more problem and difficulty to come between two of you being couple must unite to overcome the obstacles.

Self Growth

I like to express my feelings through writing. 

This way is to goes out what feelings inside within. Even I'm an apprentice of this stuff. I did my best to be the master and I want to be the light of the world. Writing is "be patient with yourself. Self growth is tender; it's a holy ground. I like to be different I want to embrace my tough through written I want change to embrace change in a small way.

The Power of Curiosity

We all curious of new things we encounter.

Curiosity drives an insatiable quest for knowledge, culture, novelty, experience , beauty, art and connection. When I was a child I'm curious at first time I see a motorcycle in far away when i hear the sound of. I did walk it near to clarify where sound from and the smoke. When the start running. I hold it the back and I run it too. See how the child is it's normal being curious the new things we encounter. Impact you are honest to yourself even adult too.

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