How Foreign Couples, Singles and Families can Live in the Philippines...“Indefinitely”

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2017 April

imageBohol Beach Club, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines.
June 24, 2007. biblenerd

**You don't need a Filipino spouse, to enjoy luxurious, low-cost living in the über-friendly, tropical, English-speaking Philippines. With a Special Visa of Employment Generation (SVEG) and minimum wages around $9 a day, employing ten Filipinos could let you retire in luxury. **

imageAlona Beach, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, October 15, 2007. biblenerd

**It is common for many former middle-class Westerners with a Filipina wife, to sustain their upper-class lifestyles, through businesses employing more than ten Filipinos. Some working-class Westerners, sold up to buy tropical beach resorts, with ten or more employees. Many Western pensioners live off their pensions in the Philippines, with a higher standard of living than they had in the West. It might not be legal for pensioners to hire workers, depending on the laws of their country. Other middle-class Westerners, seized opportunities in highly-urbanized, prime-city properties, for profitable businesses like private schools or passive income by renting out real-estate like: apartments, dormitories, commercial space, hotels etc. Some Western immigrants own or have legal rights to agricultural farming land, employing Filipino workers. I am not instructing you, but merely revealing what has been achieved by many average, middle-class Westerners. **

imageAlona Beach, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, October 15, 2007. biblenerd

**With so much recent progress, many investors expect the Philippines to become an advanced, prosperous, wealthy republic. **

**English has been mandated in Philippine schools, for many decades. **

**Many foreigners think Filipinos are the friendliest people in the world. **

**There have been many declines in crime, under President Rodrigo Duterte, according to the Philippine National Police. **

**Filipinos love hospitality, many are eager to help foreigners in unfamiliar-public situations. **

**Find a pristine, paradise, white-sand beach, where you could indulge on affordable foods like mangoes or pizza, while freely relaxing on a few dollars worth of an hour's massage. **

**Philippine culture loves traditional-family-friendly values, and many Pinay mothers have even worked overtime, for the future prosperity of their children. **

**Filipinos are generally tolerant of diversity, which includes much respect for elders. **

**Some overseas holiday tourists, have been surprised by healthcare costs, but many local, former middle-class expatriates, think the advantages of staying in the Philippines, outweigh their medical expenses. **

**When rich expats or wealthy travelers vacationing abroad, buy lots of Filipino goods and services, it benefits Pinoy markets and tourism. **

**Many Westerners have experienced erosion in their quality of life, while the cost of living has increased, and earning has become a stressful struggle in many places, often with careers stretching several jobs. **

imageAlona Beach, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, October 15, 2007. biblenerd

**Compared to developed nations, the Philippine islands generally have much lower costs. But as the economy grows, Pilipinas might become equally expensive for business and investments. Wouldn't you be glad if you settled here when investing was cheaper? **


*As a disclaimer the author is not providing financial or legal advice. Please verify the applicability of any information provided here, before acting upon it at your own risk. *

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