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Welcome to @bayanihan's Daily Feature of Posts and Authors #40!

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Hello everyone! This is @dandalion bringing you the 40th edition of @bayanihan's daily feature of posts and authors. With the mission of discovering and rewarding quality Filipino posts, @bayanihan and its wholesome curators are proud to present the Daily Feature of Posts and its Authors. This is a new initiative created by our Bayanihan Curators, with the aim of boosting the Philippine community by exposing their crafts and providing them decent rewards.

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The Bayanihan posting (daily feature of posts and authors) will be on regular basis because everyday, unique individuals share different types of content and articles. The update will be posted 11PM everyday, Philippine Standard Time. Therefore, the curation will start on posts that are published 1 AM onwards on that day. In case, we missed out some update/s, we will be featuring the missed posts of the preceding day/s and include it on the latest curation. We will try our best to look up for good content and curate all posts with designated tags for the Philippine community.

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What do Authors get when their posts are featured?

  • A direct upvote from Bayanihan (Currently having 16k Steem Power) - Every update, the @bayanihan account will allocate 5 full upvotes (500% voting weight), distributed equally among featured posts and authors. If that certain day, there are 5 curated best posts, each of them gets 1 full upvote (100% voting weight) from @bayanihan. Moreover, the account will not limit its voting power to those posts that are considered minimal in quality. The account will still upvote 5% voting weight for those.

  • Post are being featured on a single post/update - There will be no more resteems for @bayanihan account. In this way, we will get more exposure as a curating account in the steemit community and at the same time, creates engagements inside on every update. Also, featured posts and authors will get into same room in interacting with each.

  • Posts will be given an upvote by steemit biggest curators/influencers - This will be the extra perk that the authors may enjoy - an additional incentives. At time being, Tom, @donkeypong is our main curator/mentor then followed by Terry, @surpassinggoogle. We will try our best to get more upvotes from high powered steemians that will bring more curation rewards to the curating account, @bayanihan.

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What to do to Get Featured?

  • Post quality content. - Though quality is subjective, make your best effort in putting up an interesting and meaningful blog. That's a best recipe to succeed in Steemit and we are committed to reward those quality authors.

  • Correct Tagging - Tags on your post must include #philippines as one of your tags, our community tag. This will make the curation easy. Additionally, for content that are written in any Filipino dialect, #pilipinas must be used as a tag. Though it will be loaded with normal/common articles, abuse, plagiarized articles and etc, the curator/s will do the best in sorting out good content from those. The remaining 4 tags will be up to you as the author of the content. Examples are, #steemph, #travelph, #artguildph and many more.

  • No comments from @cheetah and @steemcleaners (Bot accounts that detect posts with similar contents) - This also includes proper citation or referencing of materials used in the content.

Is Mindanao Safe to Travel To? authored by @traveltramp

Image sourced from the post

"Mindanao has a long and complex history and to me, it's one of the most interesting and intriguing places in the Philippines, a place where culture, history, language and religion have clashed and fused for centuries. It's a unique island. There's nowhere else quite like it in the Philippines, and warnings or no warnings, I just had to see it.

After all, where's the adventure if you always stay in the green zone?"

I'm glad you took the leap of faith and visited Mindanao. I must say that I turned green with envy that you were able to see Maria Christina Falls. I am from Mindanao and I have yet to see the grandeur of it's beauty. I truly appreciate the kind words you have for the places, the people, the food, and the whole experience.

#ULOG: (2) Lost and Found - Part 2 (feat. Canigao Island) authored by @rizzybear

Image sourced from the post

"If you were following my previous post about Canigao Island, these were the reflections I had come to realize on that trip. Nature has its own way of healing and the beautiful sceneries I've seen there definitely helped me reconnect with myself and be found again."

The photos you shared perfectly captured the beauty of Canigao Island. Being around Nature can be so relaxing. I am glad that the serenity of the beach gave you what you needed to reflect on things that were going on in your life.

ULOG : 7-12-18 Wonderful street paintings authored by @ayahlicious

Image sourced from the post

"What do you think about this wondeful painting? Well, for me this looks like a sakura park in Japan. Actually, In Benguet we also have a mini Sakura Park. Yes, there are real-life cherry blossoms found in Sakura Park in Paoay, Sayangan. The trees are still young though and only average to three feet high. Visitors are encouraged to take caution while taking photos and to have respect for what the place stands for to the Sisterhood of Atok Benguet and Japan. Amazing it is!"

I have been to Baguio a number of times but your posts (because this is not the first time you're featured, right?) make me feel like I should visit again soon. Next time, I'll visit the places you post about, and maybe discover more of Benguet. I would love to visit that Sakura Park

Me and My Friends Got Hungry After Drinking and We Stumble Upon this Hidden Gem in Makati authored by @harlot

Image sourced from the post

"They call what they are selling Lebanese Food so it was my first time eating food from Lebanon and I am a bit skeptical at first as I don't know what food they are selling. But me and my hungry friends decided to try it out as we saw a lot of people were inside before we were able to came in."

I almost forgot how fun Makati is. It's been 5 years since I moved from that city that never seems to sleep, and I see it hasn't changed much. It still is the place to be if you're looking for good times and great food. Thank you for your review of Yalla Yalla. I'll make sure to try their Beef Shawarma and their fries when I visit Makati again.

JOURNAL SPREAD | Hufflepuff Spread authored by @loujae-creations

Image sourced from the post

"Each houses in Hogwarts have their own emblem and house colors; Gryffindor is a lion and have red and gold as colors, Slytherin is a snake and it’s colors are green and silver, Ravenclaw have their Eagle and their colors are blue and bronze, and of course my house, Hufflepuff is a Badger and the colors are Yellow and Black."

I was in high school when I first read Harry Potter, and I have been a fan ever since. I'm so psyched with your DIY journal. You've done a wonderful job depicting the House of Hufflepuff. I especially love the common room bit. I feel more affinity with Gryffindor because of its Lion emblem and I can't wait to see your work on that House.

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