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Yoo yoo!!
Wanted to introduce myself here on the Steemit community.
Feel like I can be a bit more open here.

I'm from the Philippines, but I live in Norway.
I'm a writer and a cannabis enthusiast.
I just got my legal medical cannabis prescription a few months ago.
I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis when I was 18.
Medical cannabis replaces all these pain killers with dangerous side effects that i used to take.
So I am really happy about it. I want to start sharing how I am healing myself.
Because I know how hard it was for me not knowing all these methods and ways to treat this body.

I've also been meditating on and off for 10 years. Now I am doing the Wim Hof method and feel that I am regulating my body temperature as well as connecting more with my parasympathetic nervous system.

I have also been practicing intermittent fasting. Soon I will go on a 4 day water fast where doctors and a rehabilitation center is monitoring me. I have just started earthing aka grounding and i will do a post on this very soon since I am quite amazed by the results. Very unbelievable.

I have also been vegan on and off these past few years. More like a flexitarian since I had a hard time during social gatherings. It is quite difficult to change your whole lifestyle. So we all have to just be patient and try our best to be resilient.

Before my disease activated, I ate junk food everyday, drank a lot of alcohol, and smoked cigarettes. I was violent, immature and unconsciously destroying my body for years. Denying the matrix and being ignorant.

Now I have become so open minded and paradigm shifted so many times that I found truth in my life. Practicing ways that heal not just my body, but my mind, heart and soul.

So here is the start of a new journey on steemit hoping I can inspire others to go on their healing path sooner than later.

Mad Love!

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