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After we got married, my husband and I decided to have a baby. After 9 months of trying finally we got pregnant. First few weeks of my pregnancy, i got spotting, so my OB-GYN gave me medicine to take for my baby to hold
on.. but after 3 months of holding on.. my baby didn't make it, i feel so down at that time feeling worthless, but then my ever supportive husband was there to cheer me up, i get myself busy.

After a year of trying again, I got pregnant again, my first trimester was a little scary cause of what happened to my first baby... but after the first trimester I enjoyed my pregnancy, the feeling was unexplainable, everytime my baby moved inside me, i feel so blessed to carry a life and a gift that was given to me and my husband by Boss G!!

And then the long wait is over January 18, 2014.. 3:36 PM I was able to see you for the first time I don't know how will i feel at that moment.. I feel so Grateful

and until now your already 4 years old everytime I'm staring at you, i still can't believe that you came from me and you are my baby... you are indeed THE GREATEST GIFT EVER!! From HIM my son..Thank you Boss G!

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The love you feel for your loved ones and the lovely and positive vibes you spread on Steemit are just beautiful and touching my dear @avhyaceulip! ❤

I am really sorry for what happened to you. And I am so super happy God gifted you with such a beautiful and amazing child ❤
Must be the best feeling ever to have him!



kids are always a great heaven's gift