Street Food Philippines: Rice Porridge total cost .16 SBD minnows your upvote can end hunger!

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It is 2:40 am in the morning in the Philippines now. When I am up this late doing some stuff in my computer I get really hungry. I usually just go out our house and buy from the 24 hours convenience store in front of our house. However, I had a craving for some Hot Rice Porridge or what we call in our country "Lugaw." It is very much similar to Congee of China. Here is a closer look of "Lugaw"


Actually this dish is really simple to cook and a lot of street food vendors sells this since it gives them really good profit. Rice porridge actually taste bland that is why most people put green union licks, garlic and some additional ingredient like pig innards, egg or beef. To add to the taste some people either add chili oil or fish sauce or both.

I was really feeling hungry so I also ordered some Fried tofu on the side. The picture of the fried tofu is shown below:


The best part about this dish is it cost so cheap. My meal cost me only 42 Philippine Pesos. 30 Pesos for the Rice porridge and 12 pesos for the friend Tofu. If you convert that to SBD at current rates of $3.68 USD per SBD this meal only cost 0.16 SBD! Just imagine some minnows can upvote that much! Remember that price already includes the profit for the vendor. Just imagine if you do it yourself probably cost half. If you are a minnow visiting my blog your single click can feed an adult and for those whales even a small whale you can feed hundreds or even a thousand with your upvote.

An automatic upvote from @busy can pay for my meal. If you are interested how much food cost for this particular street food vendor here is their menu.


Very cheap right? Maybe Steemit can END hunger.

#steempy #bayanihan


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I want Lugaw with TUWALYA. Hehehe

I also feel hungry as soon as I read your post, Seems I also need to check the "Lugawan" outside Hahahahahaha


Oi tara Zairos sa may bayan madaming lugawan tamang-tama di pa ako nag-aalmusal!


Hahahahha naku Lodi kakadating ko lang Hahahahaha
Tsaka may klase pa ko hahahahah, di aabot pag nag bayan pa ako xD


Hahhaha lol grabe sabawan na ako sa ginagawa ko ngayon.

wow lugaw.

I hope Steemit can bring food to all Steemians and end hunger around the world.

Kagutom Ani! Sugod mga hypebeast sa lugawan!

OMG! I can't believe I'm craving for this lugaw in a hot day like this. ahahaha.. Fried tofu is also my favorite!

Nagutom ako bigla.

dito samin ang lugaw pwede 5 pesos pwede 10pesos.. pero pag katulad sa karami ng lugaw mo sis 😁10pesos lang..

Yep, that's why every cent in Steemit counts. People should never underestimate how small they are geting from this platform as it can be turned into something great in the real world. Thanks for the reminder @ankarlie! This is a great post.

makapag tanghalian nga muna kahit busog. bigla ako nagutom

why can suddenly be so hungry this.... mhehe @ankarlie

bigla naman po akong nagcrave ng lugaw na may madaming chili oil. LoL!

We can make a difference indeed.

I totally agree on the fact that Steemit can end world hunger!

We love tofu! Just sad it is expensive here in cebu. Whenever we have the chance to visit Laguna, we buy a bunch and bring it here hehe

When read your post i feel hungry and i miss lugaw of my mother cook

Hahah so yummy!!! I'm craving also. I cant find some resto stores around our house. Too bad huhu . I need to ride a bike or motor to the nearest one and I'm hungry already hihi

Haha, pwede! Gusto ko yung lugaw na may kalamansi. Yummm. Long time no eat n ako ng lugaw. :D

I like the yellow porridge with egg in our place, so yummy!

Looking for the time when my vv would worth a full meal for a common person.

I love it in the morning..nagutom ako ann