Promoting Cebu Philippines: A Brief Introduction of Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden

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Terrazas de Flores is a flower garden where local flowers are arranged on a mountain slope to form flower terraces. It has over 120 species of plants and flowers.


Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden provides a relaxing experience with benches and flower-covered trellises and footpath. You can see butterflies and bees flutter around from flower to flower.


Scattered all over the garden are markers etched with various quotes and poems which were personally selected by the owner.



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Planning to visit Cebu soon and I should add this to my destinations list. Such a beautiful place. I can sense the peacefulness.


Hopefully you can visit cebu anytime soon. You will be stunt by the beauty of our place


Sure, either this year or next year. My fiance and I love to travel with our motorcycle and we would like to conquer Cebu City. It might be a long drive from here in Bicol but it will be exciting. I have on the list the Temple of Leah to visit, the garden with thousands of led roses and this Botanical Garden and if you can suggest more beautiful places or feature it in your blog it will be lovely too.

This is a nice garden from busay, but i never got there..=) thank you for sharing @alvibokz15


Don't worry when time permits. soon you will get there.


Yes soon =)