"When everything seems to go wrong"

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"When everything seems to go wrong"

When everything won't go
according to what you planned to do
Standards are too high
that all you could give is a sigh

You tried and tried But you never seem to be satisfied
No one seems to listen
In lonesome you are fasten

If you feel like you're betrayed by everyone,
Believe that you will be understand by someone
Look up, he knows the answers,
he hears all your unuttterable prayer

Get up from where you cried
pick up all the pieces to be transpired
When everything seems to go wrong...
think that it won't be long


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Beautiful poem
Teardrops adds tears of enjoyment.

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Thank you so much @teardrops.. It's my priviledge to be appreciated by you.

Thank you for this motivational poem @aljoursantillan
It inspires me!

keep posting,


Your welcome @micch, i'll just keep.posting such inspiring thoughts for everyone to relate and learned..
Mabuhay kabayan..

yes dear, you have a potential in writing!
I am one of your fan :)


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This is so encouraging especially this:

When everything seems to go wrong...
think that it won't be long

thank you so much.

I was soo overwhelmed!! countless steemians passed by that truly read the context.
Here you are the one who appreciates..thank you soo much..
Have a great and blessed day @keban.

Thank you so much.