We are seeking now for any help because we can't afford to pay our huge hospital bill.

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I made this post and looking for assistance because we cant afford to pay our hospital bill. The total due that the hospital initiate is almost PHP900,000 or 18,000 USD.

We already paid PHP 260,000 and drop all our savings to ZERO. We mortified our house and lot and got PHP 300,000. More than PHP 300,000 or 6,000 USd is still unpaid, we cant pay it because we already release all our money to pay some of it.

The doctor said that one of the nerves in her brain explode due to high blood. They operate her head and open her skull to cure the damage in her brain. She's almost die but she survive the operation. The name of my sister is Frelin Sasaki and admitted to The Medical City.





Updates as of 4.8.2018 : we got PHP 75,000 today as approved by DSWD.

For those who have a kind heart. Kindly donate any amount or if you cant donate, kindly resteem this post so that many people can see it.

You can donate it to the following

Steem or sbd: @alfren

CoinsPH: 3QqAbQ4BYoZ5MmhzLJ7qSn34DVEf1HhSDw

BTC Address: 36tPza87gCASmg1bWGNUuFFuwjxPxm2sLK

ETH Address: 0x810b96b3053b21ba502e6b588bc302020cece526

All funds that be collected will be going on its purpose to pay our hospital.

Thank you so much steemians.


Pray to God only brother because he is the powerful God and He can heal everything.

God is the best doctor and healer of all may his healing hand cover and touches you Amen!
Upvoted resteemed.

I hope you have asked assistance from all the government agencies who can give help. Lapitan na ng lahat pwedeng lapitan. Mag pa concert for a cause or tournament for a cause. Hirap ng ganyan na sitwasyon. Praying for her health and your family to get through this. STay strong./

you can add the following info:
like. Who was this,
what when where!
related to you or not,
you can add bills screen shot for authenticity also.
hope it helps you!

Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the Sick, I turn to You in this time of illness..In thy good time, restore her to health, and enable her to lead the residue of his life in thy fear, and to thy glory.. This we ask through Christ our Lord, Amen....

Prayers for her fast recovery! Always pray! God is most powerful healer!!

Try to post again with the complete information and tag to @sndbox.

I will resteem this post.

You can make an appeal at gavagives here try it now with complete details.

praying for her speed recovery. Resteemed.

Hoping and praying for fast recovery

Praying for her fast recovery.

Praying here!🙏

praying for her fast recovery..

Im so sorry......my upvote does not have the value that you need but I hope my resteem can help. God bless.

Praying for her fast recovery.
God is good, sir. Have faith and be strong for her.

Upvoted and resteem! I hope this can help..

Bayanihan again mga kababayan!

Hoping that he will overcome this trials in life. Much prayer for him.

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hopefully it will be fine and recover quickly.

Prayers for her fast recovery.

Upvoted and resteem kabayan! Praying for her fast recovery, stay strong!

Let's pray for her fast recovery

Sharing this in YouAreHope and hope they can help out.

Upvoted and resteem lets help our fellow steemian

In my thoughts and prayers! Upvoted and Resteemed. Your Friend @extraterrestrial

I wish the best. In my prayers.

Kabaleyan man pakasil kayo, this is the time na dapat maging malakas na malakas tayo. Hwag kang panghihinaan ng loob. Just pray and hope for the best.
Nasompal ya nasompal lan lamang ya.
Kabaleyan sinalim la it PCSO?
Man anos kayo labat, walan sensya.

Taga San Fabian ak manaya

God bless your family!

Asumpal la so pcso, kuwarenta labat so inter da

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upvoted and reestem na po .. May the Lord heal your sister bro ..

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wish him speedy recovery....why are you using your sbd to buy upvote whiles you can use some to pay the bills too...

I dont buy upvote. I buy resteem so that many can view it. Thanks for wishing recovery

Prayers for her

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