How to Write using Baybayin Script ?

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Paano sumulat gamit ang Baybayin ?

How to Write using Baybayin Script ?

First and foremost, what is Baybayin?

Baybayin is the ancient writing system of the Filipino people called Tagalog. This and other writing systems are evident on the tools, bamboo artifacts and other materials used by our ancestors before the colonialization.

Baybayin (Tagalog pronunciation: [baɪˈbaɪjɪn]; pre-kudlit: ᜊᜊᜌᜒ, post-kudlit: ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ᜔, kudlit + pamudpod: ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ), also known as Badlit, is an ancient script used primarily by the Tagalog people. Baybayin is an indigenous Indic script that has been widely used in traditional Tagalog domains. It is one of the many suyat scripts in the Philippines. It continued to be used during the early part of the Spanish colonization of the Philippines until largely being supplanted by usage of the Latin alphabet. Baybayin is well known because it was carefully documented by scribes during the colonial era. source

There are three ways to write using Baybayin :

  1. pre-kudlit: ᜊᜊᜌᜒ
  2. post-kudlit: ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ᜔
  3. kudlit + pamudpod: ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ

But I'm just going to focus on two ways. The Traditional and Modern ways of writing i

The Filipino Alphabet and The Baybayin Script

Pinoys! Remember the time when we were just learning the Filipino alphabet?
We sing " A Ba Ka Da E Ga Ha I La Ma Na Nga O Pa Ra Sa Ta U Wa Ya "
This is where we should start!

Patinig or Bowels : A, E, I, O, U
Katinig or Vowels : B, K, D, E, G, H, L, M, N, Ng, P, R, S, T, W, Y

Notice that there's no C, F, J, Q, V, X, Z

C is used as K or S in Filipino, depending on how it sounds like.

Celestine = Se-Les-Tin
Clemente = Kle- Men- Te

F is pronounce like P in Filipino

Francis = Pran-Sis

Q is Ky or Kw

Queen = Kween

V is B
X is S or Ks
Z is Dsi or S

All you have to do is to learn how does each syllable would be spelled using the Filipino Alphabet.

These primary knowledge shall be learned before writing in Baybayin so you could easily learn how to use it.

If those are clear, let's proceed to the Baybayin Proper.

pre-kudlit: ᜊᜊᜌᜒ

Pre Kudlit doesn't use pamudpod and kudlit. This is the traditional way of writing it. And can be seen on the artifacts of the Filipino tools.

post-kudlit: ᜊᜌ᜔ᜊᜌᜒᜈ᜔

This is the modern way of writing in Baybayin. It uses a + or x sign to cancel out the vowels in the original script. You can now read your name if you have a consonant on one of your syllables.

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Thank you !

Baybayin is one of the solid evidence how civilized we already are before the colonization occur to our country. It's very disappointing how our authentic culture had vanished away. On the other hand, we can still be thankful by how our ancestors kept this fragment of our original selves, that somehow became a remembrance of our colorful past.

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