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PHI TOKEN ICO - a hybrid investment platform

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We want to become Alibaba Money Management, PHI stands for a platform for hybrid investments, but also a hybrid platform for investment. We want to create a clear separation between the production of financial instruments and distribution among customers, combining both traditional financial instruments and cryptographic products on the first platform.

PHI-tokenis a decentralized system that includes a block chain and consists of several intellectual contracts along the perimeter of the block chain and its own crypto currency. And the platform is a system product created by a consortium of the most powerful, and experienced logistics companies and organizations around the world. And also blocking and intellectual contracts in the way of promotion into industrial use, creating a scale effect and potentially aggregating the offer. Decentralized production of large, reliable and economically feasible for a larger number of participants in a direct peer (P2P) ecosystem. Secondly, the purse PHI would be central in every connection in the PHI ecosystem, and would also be safe for storage and exchange for both the crypto currency and for currency currencies, allowing users to store, keep, send and exchange supported crypto-conversions and fiates. Merchants can freely choose and switch between different block assets for payments. Users can convert from BTC, ETH, PHI and vice versa, use peer-to-peer data transfers and exchanges and pay for the seller's services.


  • High costs are mainly due to obsolete and labor-intensive working models;
  • Limited access to numerous investment opportunities, which leads to poor results for the client,
  • Sale of captured products without real competition between asset managers.
  • Lack of attention to customer needs, as well as lack of competition and transparency
  • Expensive products with outputs for customers

Thus, this favorable scenario, combined with ----poor financial knowledge, allows to receive and maintain inefficiency and high costs for the distribution and management of financial products.

How to overcome the problems
It connects to any existing source and performs both network and off-grid calculations. When searching for information corresponding to the number of requested clients selected in the block chain, and each record will contain information about data providers, date, PHI and the use of services. This changes the product of the global market, making it honest, transparent, reliable and with equal access to information for each participant, and also each user can create a map of his favorite brands.

How it works:


To create a platform in which crypto-active enterprises and start-ups can create the same digital marketing opportunities as large multinational corporations.

II. The goal of PHI is to create a powerful and economical one in one solution that meets a variety of marketing needs while maintaining the simplicity and ease of use of institutions, as well as processes for creating, sharing, delivering and sharing offers that are valuable to customers, customers, partners and society as a whole.






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