PHC Top 3 Contest: Comfort Food

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This is my entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest.

The topic for this round @phctop3 is....Comfort Food.

Check out the contest rules Here

Lots of comfort foods needed now the colder weather is settling in my neck of the woods. So many great vegetables from the harvest are just waiting to be cooked and served to hungry mouths.

My Nominations....

Nomination Number One-

Tomato Rice Soup

My Reasons for the Nomination:

When the temperature drops, I enjoy a warm bowl of soup with homemade biscuits. Tomato and rice was one I enjoyed since childhood.

On Saturday morning Mother would boil up a soup bone and add a diced onion, rice and the tomatoes. Cut up in small pieces, veggies like carrots or celery might be added.

She would make a large pot of it and this would be a convenient solution to anyone’s hunger throughout the weekend. There would always be homemade bread or biscuits to go with the soup.


Nomination Number Two-

Pumpkin Pie

Reason for the Nomination:

I’ve already done a post on cooking pies from the pie pumpkins I used for halloween decorations. I’ve always loved pumpkin and it’s great in pies. It takes a little bit of time to cut the pumpkin and scrap out the seeds then bake it for under a hour to use to make the pie.

Along with the delicious flavour and smell from the added spices of cinnamon and allspice, pumpkin has a lot of nutritional benefits.

Pumpkin pies I baked.


Nomination Number Three-

Gingermen Cookies

Reason for the Nomination:

A lot of my comfort food relates back to childhood and the foods my parents or grandmother cooked.

Gingermen cookies were one of the wonderful enjoyments at my grandmother’s house. Albeit she passed way too soon when I was twelve but I still recall happy times with her. She always had on hand gingermen cookies and a warm drink for anyone who stopped in.

I had my first cup of tea with her while eating these cookies.

These ones I baked.


❤️ Thanks for reading my post and remember for the best results, always cook your comfort foods with love and joy in your heart. ❤️





Oh good choices all. If I could I would live off pumpkin pie and gingerbread cookies, and gingerbread houses, and gingersnaps. I think it's time to start baking!

Good idea WW. Time to get inspired and roll out some dough. 😊

Great choices. A tomato soup features in my selection, too. Will be posting in a couple of days.

Thanks @fionasfavourites. I will look forward to reading your selections. 😊

I am in such a battle with comfort food right now 👀😅😆👀😂👌💖🙏

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That a hard battle to win, @thereikiforest. 😆 👀 💗
Blessings in your struggle. 🙏

Childhood memories and food, great selection @redheadpei good luck in the contest.

Thanks so much Joan @joanstewart! 😊

It doesn't get much better than home made bread and soup.

Thanks @rentmoney for your kind support. Homemade is the best food. 😊

Oh yum, give me some of that yummy soup! It's funny, I don't often think to put rice in soup for whatever reason, but when I do I remember how much I like it. Especially in tomato soup. With just having harvested my lovely pumpkin over the weekend to make it into puree, pumpkin pie will most assuredly be gracing my table some time soon! An excellent choice for the season, as are those lovely gingermen! I can just smell them baking right now... Awesome selections and good luck in the poll!

Thanks so much @plantstoplanks! I’m happy you liked my selections. 😊

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Good choice, all food homemade

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Thanks @shuvo! Homemade always seems t taste better.😊

Gingermen Cookies

I absolutely love anything gingerbread! No one else in my family likes it... but I could lose myself in the flavor!

Thanks @goldendawne! The smell in the house is divine when they are baking. 😊

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Love the selection here @redheadpei!

Definitely some heart warming suggestions here. Tomato soup, always great for a rainy day and pumpkin pies... hmmm can just feel the warmth they bring now! Gingerbread men always melted the soul, something about that smell as they were being baked in the oven! Thanks for entering this month and good luck with the contest!


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Thanks so much @phctop3. Appreciated! Glad you like the selections, NH. 😊

Homemade is best made in my book that I have lost years ago my friend.
Most of my family bar one sister is gone and none of those farm, old coal stove oven freshness has gilded my throat since!
Good luck in the competition.

Sir Stephen, it is sad how quickly time passes and we lose a lot of people and their traditions from our lives.
Thanks for the good luck wishes.

Especially when one has tasted the wonderful old farm recipes my friend.
I haven't had another meal like that in the last 30 years.
My pleasure as I only wish the very best for you in all things!

I need a good piece of that pumpkin pie in my life, I love ginger cookies, but I must confess that I have never tasted tomato soup, I have to do it someday!

It’s easy to make. You need a good soup bone to boil up first to make the tomato rice soup.

Oh it must smell so good in your kitchen! Can I have a cookie?

You sure can! 😊

Awesome! Thanks for sending over your entry fee, just letting you know that I've added you in with your nominations now!

Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dpoll between 16th - 18th where we put it to the public vote and let the Steem community decide their top 3 :)


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