Great post and explanation of this very fine contest. It's been a growing contest ever since we started and it's always a blast! It doesn't get old because of the various topics. That's just one of the things that makes me love this contest. Talking about topics... Next month!!! So many ideas!!!!!

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You're right, the variation each month keeps everything new and I have absolutely loved working on this with you, Gaz and Katie! It's always so exciting each month! Group hug 🤗

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Woohoo group hug! 🤗🤗🤗 It's a blast everytime! We have fun we laugh and when it's time to get down to it, we are at it together.

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Let's face it... we're a pretty awesome unit :D

Cheers to that! 🍻

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Awesome explanation! Thanks for the write up and the clarifications.

You're most welcome my friend! Hope this clears up a few things but we are a friendly group and want to spread the good vibes about the place! Thanks for being a part of it and joining the contest 💪

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This is a great explanation @nickyhavey. As you know, I love @phctop3 and since it was launched there has been only one topic that didn't get me going! I'm one of the ones to whom this really applies

We actually encourage and want you to tell us WHY you like these top 3 things, tell us your story behind them, what was it about them made you tick? How are you connected to these choices?

Sometimes I really go OTT

You, @foxyspirit, @plantstoplanks and @cheese4ead do a fantastic job and I am delighted that this initiative is getting support from @curie, @bluemist and @appreciator. IMHO, it's one of the contests on the platform that really does make people think. Good practise for reflective writing....

Carry on doing it!

You may find me back with another long, rambly read in October!

Having such awesome participants like yourself and so many others inspires us to keep on top of our game, as well! We love the long, rambly entries. ;) I think I learn a little something new about everyone with each passing month.


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🥰🥰 your support is to be recognized as well. You've been with us from the beginning! 😘

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Thanks a lot Fiona and we love reading your entries as you take us on a journey through history and embrace the true spirit of the contest!

I'm sure October's theme will bring out the best in you 😉

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OMG @nickyhavey

a journey through history

My life is history?

I suppose it is, having lived half a century.... Doesn't bear thinking about....

Thank you. Not! ;)

Why must you be like this? 😂

But if you're going down that line then yes, yesterday was history, last week was history, lunch time today was history. Life is history.

The good news is, it's also ongoing and we go into the future every second so we can be merry and celebrate and share our top 3 favourite things each month and earn steem with epic posts about life's history 😛

You're WELCOME 😉

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Wahahaha! I seem to have touched a nerve, and haven't had time to put together a riposte for @plantstoplanks description of my

long, rambly entries

So you copped it. And made me smile on what's been quite a challenging day.


Thank you. Really. :D :hugging:

Haha no nerve touched, just bantering with one of the Queens of banterdom!

Glad to have made you smile, I needed that too, been a tough transition in to a new office after having a weekend in nature and we have a bit of a B$$%% colleague 😁

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Urgh! You have my sympathy. And

Queen of Banterdom

I'll take it!


Go and have a beer and tomorrow's Friday, so all will improve. It will.

Haha, you know what, I think I might well do that 😊

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Fun topics to move the "cobwebs" around, remembering why you enjoyed something as much as you did, keep going with this awesome monthly event.

Using dPoll gives a fair reflection on community voting, fun seeing how each person reacts to a topic.

So happy to have you as part of the top 3 fam Joan! Keep that duster handy, because you'll definitely need to clear out those spiders for the next month... ;)

Excellent work explaining a little bit more in depth about the contest! It really has been such a blast, so I'm sure we will continue the fun for many months to come! We've still got plenty of excitement this month, but lots to look forward to, as well. ;)

Thanks a lot Katie and there's so much to look forward to with top3 it's untrue! I've really enjoyed working with the awesome panel - long may it last :)

Great explanation! I just might have to make some referrals! 😉

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I think you just might 😀 thanks for having a read through and hope to see more of you in future contests 😁

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Since I came to PHC and saw this contest I fell in love, I really love the way participants are included and integrated to give a good result!

It's been awesome having you join in the fun and games with us! We were discussing you a little bit in the panel when your first month on the contest, all your choices were in the top 3 voted from the steem community and you took home the big prize! Not a bad first round 😁

Thank you for being involved and we're so happy you're loving it!

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That was the best first round of my life, I had never won a contest hahaha I think that's what got me hooked!

Haha it was an awesome start to your phc top3 career! Going from strength to strength and everyone is a winner even if they don't finish in the top 3! Stay awesome hey 🙏

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