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RE: PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest November 2019 🥔🍲🍕🍝 {Share Your Top 3 To Win A Steem Prize}

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Ok, so I HAVE to join this competition and cope with the rolled eyes of the @phctop3 team when they have to wade through another of my "rambly" posts... Be warmed....@foxyspirit, @chees4ead, @nickyhavey and @plantstoplanks...


Can't wait @fionasfavourites

Another superpost! I feel a @curie coming on!! 😁

Oh dear, no pressure.... As for @curie - it's been a while. Clearly my recent posts haven't been to the team's taste ;)

If you have won a prize recently they will look elsewhere to share the love I believe 🙂

True, I think they do try to do a very good job of sprinkling their curation magic all around. 😉

Well, other than the fancy dress for Halloween, I don't think so... Any way, I bear no grudges and what will be will be 😀

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Well at least you'll be feeding us while we read. 😉