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This months topic is Extraterrestrial Movies

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1E.T. I have so many fond memories of the cinema experience. Back in the 80's in Bristol, we had three cinemas with three screens in each. They weren't like the modern cinemaplex's that you find today. They were pretty small. To add to that, online booking was twenty years away! It was a big deal to go, a real treat and for this movie, we queued around the block terrified that we wouldn't get in. I remember that I went with my best friend and my mum. My best friend and I had to sit separately from mum as we had the last tickets available. The film itself was a masterpiece. A true blockbuster which has stood the test of time. I enjoyed watching it with my daughter only a few years back.
3Mars Attacks. This is an absolutely stupid film that if it catches you in the right mood will have you giggling for weeks. A brilliant ensemble cast and a few tiny, hilarious, cameos

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Good luck everyone.


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I always know I'm going to enjoy your choices! Excellent selections yet again. Fun fact--they actually filmed a scene in Venom at a building where I teach corporate fitness classes! A few of the employees saw Tom Hardy in between takes. I was bummed I missed out, but it was fun to recognize the atrium of the building in the movie! :)

How did everyone live without internet bookings?! The torture of queuing, the excitement of not knowing whether you get in, the drama of the E.T. film itself must have made it that much more incredible when you got in to the cinema!

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