My Nominations for the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest - Board Games

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This is my entry into this month’s PHC Top 3 contest.

This months topic is Board Games

NoNominationMy Reasons for the Nomination
1Monopoly. This is my favourite game ever! I am a business and economics teacher and I have the strategy to win, much to the frustration of @cheese4ead. He has actually banned me from playing it because I beat him all the time. This was especially after teaching our daughter the harsh realities of dealing and trading as a 6 year old! She always wanted the pink properties and was willing to trade for the 'nasty' purple properties. 😁
2Cluedo. Another one of my favourite from my childhood that my daughter @mono.rosado has continued. I have fond memories of playing with my granny as we always played a lot board games as a family. However, with Cluedo, she could never understand how anybody had managed to work out the room, murder weapon and the suspect. This is a tradition that @cheese4ead has unhappily continued; when we play as a family, in the 'how the hell did you figure that out?' mode! lol
3Mousetrap. The game that you always wanted as a child, because of all the adverts, but was actually every parents nightmare. We bought it for Jaime. Setting this monstrosity up was a complete debacle. It would take an hour to build and even then, the man would never dive into the bucket, the metal ball would go rolling off under the sofa and the mouse would never trap in the mousetrap. However as a kid it was great. The whole set up was amazing and exciting. I had hours of fun with it while my mum is still recovering. What goes around, comes around.

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Good luck and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming dpoll between 16th - 18th where we put it to the public vote and let the Steem community decide their top 3 :)



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Excellent choices again this round! Monopoly is definitely a classic. Too funny that your beloved husband won't play with you anymore. It sounds like me and my boyfriend and Scrabble--it's about the only game where I can beat him, though! I don't think we owned Mouse Trap as kids, and it is most likely the reason you listed that mom and dad didn't want to have to mess with setting it up, haha. I still love a good murder mystery, so Clue(do) is a favorite. I would love to do one of the evenings out where you do a dinner and solve a mystery at the event. :) Thanks for joining us for another fun month!

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Great choices @crypt0wid0w

I'm not sure what you mean about Monopoly as @cheese4ead seems like such a cool guy! 😁

Clue/do is turning out to be very popular and Mousetrap is just bedlam!

Nice work


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Oh no! Not monopoly!!! I dreaded that game and still do lol hahahaha. Although I like your 2nd choice, the 3rd I can agree as a parent that it's the devil 😂😂

Excellent choices. Thank you for participating in the contest!

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