Doctors Are Bought And Paid For By Pharma Bros

in pharma •  2 years ago 

Jason briefly discusses the firing of McCabe, other shakeups in the Trump camp, as well as doctors taking kickbacks to prescribe highly addictive sometimes deadly medications. Yet another example how they are bought and paid for by big pharma.

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Profits over acting in the best interests of the patient. The medical industrial complex at it's finest.

So true. So sad

That dance tho LOL. Great informative content tho.

Doctors are like god for the patients. They are the life savers. But when life savers turn into life eaters, that is a grave danger. I think this is why we need to maintain certain morel values and ethics among professionals. That is why god is created by people( for the non believers). You have to have fear even to love( fear of loosing).

great video :)

Everyone should take it upon themselves to become experts in homeopathy so that communities can take care of themselves without reliance on a system that clearly doesn't know how or even seek to make us healthy.

And the value of food, essential oils, herbs in healing. We can heal ourselves. The trick is to never start taking the allopathic meds, because then you also have to heal from their toxicities.

Health is the answer not Dr;s

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I just took a shot of homemade liposomal vitamin C in your honor.. Trust session to put in cage for self treatment, it is a matter of time before "themtube" starts banning home remedies and other alternative treatments
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