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Kihura Nkuba is a Ugandan public figure and radio broadcaster who traveled through towns giving lectures to people on various topics in the interest of improving peoples lives. Before presenting one lecture he found out some very disturbing information while sitting with a local preacher.

"I sat with a preacher who started telling me a story of 1997 during the National Immunization Days, when the government introduce the oral polio program. Most of the children started dying. The preacher told me they had so much death. In the same room a mother who had four children, hid one and took the other three for vaccination. The three children died and that one survived. Now when I went to my presentation I asked most of the people there, about 2-3000 people, each person had the same story."

He started publicly questioning what was going on.

After receiving backlash from the government who threatened to blockade his radio program, people started questioning why the gov wanted them to get the vaccine so bad when they couldn't provide basic necessities like food or clean water or even coffins for when their children died or financial assistance. Why were they so concerned about people getting the vaccine?

Nkuba kept broadcasting, debating health officials showing them CDC and manufacturer warnings about giving them to people with HIV, which is a huge problem in Uganda. Doing so is dangerous and potentially life threatening because HIV compromises the immune system. The government did not relent. The people began refusing the vaccine en masse so health officials and police began going door to door forcibly vaccinating children. Many parents would take their families and run away to the bush for several days to save the children.

Nkuba became such a threat to the program that an attempt was made on his life. Two European men in two pickup trucks tried to sandwich him on the road and he ended up in the hospital after rolling his car trying to avoid them.

We hear all the time how developing nations have benefitted from these programs from the media, industry figures like Bill Gates, and officials. However, the first hand accounts seem to speak to a much darker reality than we would have ever imagined.

This was over 20 years ago, yet we are now seeing the same government measures taking place in first world nations. In NY, health officials and police were going door to door. Multiple states enacted mandates for vaccines, which are a profitable product made by multi billion dollar companies, all of which carry no liability for damage or death, yet places like in Michigan cannot even get clean tap water. Do they really care about our health?

I tried to search for the video on youtube but it was already removed. If I can find it elsewhere ill link it in the comments.



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