Setting up PhantomX Masternode and Upgrading to Wallet 1.3

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For those of you that watched Jason's video on PhantomX master node ( I was intrigued and wanted to set one up on my own.

While the guides online are a nice start I am very paranoid about messing up so verified and verified and verified the process until Jamie (phantomx admin) was probably close to smacking me.

For those of you that don't currently have a wallet. Follow Jason's tutorial or the one online by downloading the file and then creating a "Wallets" folder in your C: directory. Then unzipping and running the application.

For those of you that have an old wallet and are now upgrading. I recommend making a copy of your wallet.dat in the appdata\roaming\phantomx folder and storing it in a safe place as well as your phantomx.conf file. You will also want to go to help>debug>console and enter the command dumpprivkey for each one of your wallets and store this as well as the wallet address in a safe place just incase things go south.

After you download the new wallet, I backed up and then deleted the phantomx folder in the appdata\roaming directory as well as my old wallet in the C:\Wallets directory and stored them in a safe place to roll back in case I needed to.

I then downloaded and unzipped the new wallet in the C:\Wallets directory just like the old wallet and then double clicked to hit run. I had an issue here though as my virmach vps didn't want to run the new file. Just add .exe at the end of the filename, right click and then select "unblock" in the properties menu. Then double click and try running again (it ran that time).

I also recommend downloading the latest blockchain (the directions are good for this; you essentially just deleted the folders and files listed then replace them with the latest blockchain download). So copy the latest blockchain and your wallet.dat file into the directory. Then go to help>console>debug in the phantomx wallet and then checkwallet XXXXX and repairwallet XXXXX to ensure they are running properly (I had no issues).

When transferring into your master node account deposit exactly 20,000 (ignoring the fees). If you did what I did and transferred into your wallet as long as there has been 10 confirmations just transfer it to your master node address no problem. If you transferred a different amount then 20,000 then go to settings > options > show mark the option "display coin control features"

Go to SEND, click on INPUT button and select only the address MN01 (or whatever yours is) SEND ALL COINS from MN01 to DEFAULT and wait for 10 confirmations.

After confirming MN01 is at 0.000000 then SEND 20,000 into MN01.  

For the get config option mine didn't create the phantomx.conf so i made one in notepad copying and pasting the information in get config then modifying it as needed.  

Once you have everything setup and 20,000 in your Masternode then hit start. It will take quite awhile for your first mine/run to show anything (mine was 25 coins), but they will come.

Hope this was helpful and happy cryptotrading my friends!

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