Phantasma Relaunching ICO Tonight

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Phantasma ICO was recently postponed due to a contract bug! This ICO has been picking up traction as it has on board advisors such as Ian Balina, Fabio Canesin (NEX CEO) and Etienne Vantkruys (Wanchain). List goes on, but this is looking to be massive!

What is Phantasma?

Relying on third party services for something as critical and personal as email, photos or videos is dangerous.
Companies can be hacked, bancruptcies can happen and users are left at the mercy of a few unknown power-brokers.

For the artists that make amazing videos, games, music and other copyrighted content, giving up a large percentage of your revenue can be very discouraging. Plus content creators usually become locked-in to those centralized platforms with the overhanging danger of arbitraty rule changes cutting their revenues.

Phantasma brings a decentralized content distribution system running on the blockchain,
with strong emphasis on privacy and security.

Detailed Information on the Token Metrics

65% of all tokens will be allocated to the Tokensale.
15% to the Platform Development & Growth
20% to Team & Advisors

We have pegged NEO at $62.954, using a 5-day moving average until May the 16th at 00h00 UTC.

1 NEO = 273 SOUL

The total circulating supply when the tokensale has concluded will be 43,332,939 SOUL tokens, which represents a total of $9,966,575.97 at a value of $0.23 per SOUL token.

Thanks for Reading

Disclaimer : All investing is speculative. This isn't financial advice. Just one man's opinion of a complex fractal world with infinite variables, affecting the system, at exactly the same time.

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