Beautiful Sunset with Friends !

in ph1 •  2 years ago  (edited)

Captured this photo with Sony A6300
Location is Botany Bay


This Evenings Sunset

Beautiful horizons on the Earths hemisphere
Leaning backward gently make my worries disappear
Words said softly with a new attitude
The sun sets softly in a west worldly mood

Cotton candy colors blend till their blued
All Gods time well spent after a hot afternoon
Hot pinkish shadows follow gray clouds scoon
We're waiting for the rain that is coming soon

Watching the wondrous sunset
Coming up over the edge of the world
And waiting for the moon

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Wonderful contrasts!

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Great sunset!

Congrats, today I featured your pictures with an upvote and a resteem!

Tag your photography with #ph1 for a chance to be featured! :)

Thankyou so much

Woow.. Amazing..

Amazing capture. Love the words written under it also :)

Love this:

"Watching the wondrous sunset
Coming up over the edge of the world
And waiting for the moon."

Great post. Have a great day. :)