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Now that we have had our first meeting after SteemFest, here's the summary of what PEvO presented there.

The presentation is on youtube, so if you weren't able to attend, or didn't see it online yet, you can do so now.

@chainreaction and @adrichel explain the general purpose, some of the challenges we see ahead, and how we plan to tackle them. 

You can download the slides here.

In addition, we had flyers printed and spread in the Tobacco Theatre. There are still a few left, so if you need some and can't print them yourself contact me on (or and we'll see if we can send you a couple of flyers. No big orders though, please understand that we have limited capacities!

A big thank you for all the heavy design and organizing work to @muizianer

SteemFest was an amazing experience for the 4 of us. We are so happy about the possibility to talk to so many people understanding what this idea is able to achieve. Thank you all for your valuable input, we hope to keep discussing with you online. And don't forget to tell your friends about us! :)

After another week in Amsterdam, we split up. The rest of the team is back home, me and Juka headed to Spain. If you're in Barcelona or Malaga, let's meet!


Good luck with PEvO , a project with so much potential. Glad you're enjoying your euro trip with Juka!

I could get my head around the project, but it took a little thought. Are there any plans for a simplified 'marketting esque' primer?

Thank you!

Understanding what it's all about is really difficult, depending on how familiar you are with the topics. We're preparing some more graphic materials right now, but it will never be easy to grasp unless you're familiar with both blockchains and the open access movement I guess.

whoever designed that flyer deserves a small award [ or at least some beer]!

@muizianer was the designer - and I also think she deserves an award for this great work :)

Cool presentation! I really look forward to this project. This is another breakthrough opportunity for Steem.

I loved the presentation of the Pevo project in Amsterdam, It was actually my favourite together with Andrarchy speach. You are in Malaga!! Mein Zuhause!! Wie lange bleibst du noch da?

Den Winter über denke ich ;)

Cool! I'll be there over Christmas, we can meet if you like and party a little bit :)

Wow, this is a very interesting application of the blockchain. I wish this project all the best!

I will definitely continue following the pevo project. I think this has a great potential. The issue is more and more discussed, even in community like particle physicists where we have pretty good tools for open access and open source science.

@pharesim got to read this just now - you're in Malaga with Juka!
lucky dog!
enjoy - warm there?

Interesting, good luck! And of course I hope you are enjoying your trip.
Barcelona is a beautiful city, and Málaga... What can I say... I live in Benalmádena 😜

Oh nice! We should definitely grab a cerveza together!

Oh yes we should!
I'm always ready for cerveza fresquita. Just let me know a day and time :)

I'm finally approaching Málaga! I saw you joined the pevo chat, let's talk details there.

Ups. Busy busy days so I have not seen this until now, Sorry! :S
Ok, see you on Pevo!

Very Well explained and yeah!, the project looks promising.

It's one of greatest projects based on Steem actually. Awesome work, @pharesim.
Have a nice vacation in Spain ;)

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Have fun in Spain you and your girl yuka. resteemed.

@pharesim Followed and voted! You follow me @Sandra16

Just voted for you as a witness. I have been meaning to, there is just so much stuff on here for newer people to get lost in, sorry for that.

TY for all your work and support of everything here, I appreciate it a lot.

Your #MinnowLife friend Barry.


And here is the famous dog too =)