New Aquarium For My Water Babies

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Hello everyone! This week we ordered a new fish tank for my pet fishes and received it yesterday.

This is the old aquarium. The fishes were all little initially but now they have grown up. So, when they jump out of excitement while playing or due to a startling reflex, they accidentally hit the top of the aquarium. So my family and I decided to get a bigger home for them.

This is the new aquarium. The aquarium at the back on the left is the old one with the fish still in it. Since the new aquarium is large, we will be removing the brown showcase where the old aquarium has been placed on. It is an old one but still has some life in it so we gave it to one of our neighbours who need it.

I snapped this picture after we were done setting the aquarium up with the filter and lights as well. We cleaned the aquarium so that it will be free of dust using water and a clean cloth with no soap at all. The glass aquarium was very heavy and my brother did most of the work.

We caught the fishes with this net and carefully placed them in this pail with some of the water from the tank.

These are the 'toys' of our water babies. They love going in and out of the brown 'toy' as it has a few large holes but we had to remove it from the tank at a point as the fishes grew bigger.

After giving the brown furniture to my neighbour, we placed the aquarium in the same area.

We used a long hose to fill the aquarium. I filled some of the water then passed it to my mom to snap a picture before taking over.

This is their favourite toy. Since now we got a bigger aquarium, we were able to add it back so they can play with it again.

This is an aquarium decor item which they use as a hiding spot.

I was done filling the aquarium up and it took a solid 15 minutes. We turned the filter and light on as well. This is a special light made for fish and it doesn't irritate their eyes.

This was snapped after moving all of the fishes into their new house. All four of them were in the bottom right corner as they were still trying to get comfortable in their new house.

Then, they started exploring and playing. The water filter became their third 'toy' because one of them love to swim all around it about 20 to 30 times like it is an exercise. This new aquarium is about thrice the size of the old one. They all seem happier and are more active now as there is a larger space for them to swim and play.

I hope that my post brightened up your day. Thank you for dropping by and have a nice day 🌊💙🐟🐬🐳💙🌊

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