Competition - The Challenge Of a Best Pet Animal including Birds ( The Prize Is 10 SBD ) - 7 Days - Day #2- The Registration Is In Progress

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Pets are the most unique friends of man in this world. so i decide to start a contest of the pet animals.

You can also place the images of your pet birds.

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Place the photo in the comments space

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Photo must be original : one photo max

Rules for Voting

1. Voter must be my  follower

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1st prize: 4 SBD

2nd prize: 3 SBD

3rd prize: 2 SBD 

4-7 Price 0.25SBD

 The competition lasts for 7 days  .



Our new born puppy 😊IMG_20180120_003129.jpg

Two of my cuties taking a nap..😴



Hello there ! Meet the two cute puppy :)chami and chimi :) i know theyre so smart its obvious hahahhaa

This is our border collie, the most beautiful loving and intelligent dog I have ever owned.


resteem the post if you like

Ye for sure.. XD

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My pet Koi Fishes. Relaxing to see them healthy.

I would say cat.
But a horse may still be better. Only downside is that it's one hell of a challenge to have a horse sitting on your lap when watching a Terry Gilliam movie.

I don't want to post a picture of my horse, as I i'm not able to ask permission to do so. Horses may also want their privacy.