Utterly Confused News: Dog becomes Instagram-famous for balancing objects on his head

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They often say seeking the requisition of another pet into our lives often helps in the bereavement process of losing one's best buddy in life, our pets. With the passing of the world's beloved Grumpy Cat that would be a hard order to fill. Hard but not totally impossible but that would have to be one unique animal.

Well with the accumulations of 94,000 followers thus far and the unique ability to balance objects upon his head the world may soon find themselves comforted by the antics of a dog name Harslo from Ireland.


Yes folks that's a dog balancing a cup of coffee, an avocado and a glass of water upon his head, only a few shots of his incredible abilities that'd leave humans basking in shame after such attempts but just the tip of the ice burg for this talented pup.


Make that three donuts...wouldn't want anyone to easily try and break this record!

Harslo's many talents came to light when he was two years old and his owner sat a chicken toy upon his head and Harslo sat still looking at it. Paul Lavery, the pups owner called his partner Jen Scott to come look at the hidden talent he had discovered with his pup.


Paul Lavery, 30, was amazed to discover his dog Harlso's "hidden talent" after jokingly placing a squeaky toy on his head and watching as the pup stood as still as a statue. Wearing a jazzy bow tie, the five-year-old dog showed a knack for miraculously balances various items on his head, including a globe, a glass of water and a stack of doughnuts.

Lavery explains Harslo just wasn't interested in doing the normal, mundane tricks of ordinary dogs...

"We got him five years ago and we just fell in love with him at first sight and brought him home. For us, we didn't know he knew any tricks, we tried teaching him to sit, lie down, roll over and he wasn't interested," said Lavery, who lives with his partner Jen Scott, 29, in Belfast, Ireland.


Yes folks I do dare say that's a gingerbread cookie....I double dare yeah! No! Triple dare yeah to try that!

387u68 (1).jpg final.jpg

Stay tuned for more Utterly Confused News, as my once partner in crime use to say, "you sure do know how to find them!"


i just got a dog two days ago
now i have three lol
cheers nice post

I just got a dog
Two days ago now i have
Three lol cheers nice post

                 - nickgrujic

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ahh ..... Balance!

Achieved by dachshunds, yet missed by disfunctional families everywhere!!

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