The Golden Python and Her Boyfriend 🐍

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It's early morning and the babies are calm first thing. I just hold them and rock them a bit until they get too curious and head for the floor to stretch their spines.


It was a bit of a photo shoot this morning, starting with them holding on and their heads meeting near my watch. I rock back and forth and their heads, like birds do, move back and forth trying to maintain a compass heading.


This post was supposed to be about Goldie and the next about her boyfriend Pancho, but the two are pretty close and I end up with a lot of together shots.

I have been baby-proofing the office lately because these guys are getting huge. So now, they are allowed on the desks and around the computers. Once they are down and out of my arms, they can roam free for hours. Here is one of Goldie as she came out from around the back of my fountain.


I was not expecting to get here with her tongue out, otherwise the whole thing would all be in frame.

Goldie and Pancho are quite different. Goldie is never tense, and she is somewhat of a klutz and when she messes up, she looks to me for help. Um, she falls down when climbing.


Pancho has never bitten any one but he is always flexed like a posed body builder. He grew up from a baby around my boys. He bathed with them and they tossed him in the water every time he managed to get on the edge of the tub. To this day, he does not like taking baths. Goldie on the other had, will bath for hours and gets out of the tub when she is done.

I go in there and she is on the towel like a cinnamon role. Goldie is not jumpy or twitchy even if you put your hand right up to her nose. She is slow and constant motion and does not even try to hide. They could not be more different, but somehow they get along great.

Goldie is about eight years younger than Pancho (best guess) but she is growing at a much faster pace. I do try to control her growth but she has difficulty conserving her energy and burns up all her reserves within two months. She never bites unless she smells food (any kind of raw meat or chicken, blood, or a rat). I stay clear of her when she is eating and use protection until after she has had her post meal bath.

🐍 Snake love to all! 🐍

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