First Friday Event

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On the First Friday of every month, the local community business promoters; "Main st Roswell" ask the businesses to stay open until 8:00 to promote their's and other businesses. We decided to co-op with a the premier pet supplier in town : "Wildlife Safari" and have them do a guest appearance at our store.
20191004_171321 (2).jpg

Dave Sexton (owner) is very knowledgeable with the animals he handles and was more than happy to bring a few from his store for this event.
20191004_171042 (2).jpg
These are baby tortoises from Africa. They look a lot like box turtles, but I was assured they are not.

20191004_174147 (2).jpg
This little guy is a bearded dragon.
20191004_174222_HDR (2).jpg
she seems to be very comfortable in Dave's hand but if nervous will jump ad possibly get hurt. They are very fast.

Dave did bring an assortment of snakes mostly ball pythons of different sorts
20191004_185439 (2).jpg

20191004_185509 (2).jpg
These are White ball pythons.
20191004_180917 (2).jpg
This young man was fortunate enough to hold a all white one.

Here Dave is showing us his albino Reticulated python.
20191004_172400 (2).jpg
She was kind of restless and kept trying to get to the nearby food.
20191004_172408 (2).jpg

There was also a formidable water monitor that didn't want to stay in her bin.
20191004_173256 (2).jpg
She kept wanting to taste the spectators.
20191004_173251 (2).jpg

Dave brought in a tarantula and scorpion.
20191004_181854 (2).jpg
20191004_181845 (2).jpg
This is a Black Forest Scorpion. Pretty menacing looking, but no more harmful than your garden variety found here in NM. we couldn't get a pic of the pink toed tarantula because it seemed too skittish.

Of course, what presentation would be complete without bunnies
20191004_170623 (2).jpg
The large grey one is a baby Flemish Giant. They are the largest rabbits in the world, with adults weighing up to 25 lbs.
The little guy is called a lion's head rabbit because it has a mane like a lion. They are dwarfs and only get to a few lbs.

And guinea pigs
20191004_170713 (2).jpg

We had quite a crowd; about thirty people. No rocks sold, but we got em in the store, and they'll remember.


So cool! ^^ I love guinea pigs!!! ^^

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