Our dogs Louis and Oscar

in pets •  2 years ago

Already over one year has passed since my fiancé and me found a chihuahua puppy, which touched our heart with his eyes within just seconds. We knew that he needed a home where he could grow up and live a long life. IMG_1220.JPG

After a week we decided to name him Louis.


But after a bit time has passed, we realized that Louis was unhappy and we wondered if it could be the distance between him and his brothers and sisters. Because of our jobs, Louie had to stay at home alone for a few hours every day. So we made a decision and after looking for a friend for Louis, we found a cute black dog which looked like a super small version of a doberman! Surprisingly we found out that this little dog was Louies brother from another mother (for real, he's his half brother)!!


We decided to name him Oscar :-)


And immediately after they met, they became best friends.
We hope that they will stay here for a long long time :-)


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