kitten my brother found. :)

in #pets7 years ago


(sorry for the quality! she's difficult to take pictures of since she's never still haha)

anyways this is renna or ren for short (my older brother named her). I think the name is pretty cute tbh. anyways, a couple weeks ago, my brother was on his way to work and it was raining really hard. he saw her in the middle of the street and he can't stand seeing stranded animals so he decided to take her home. we already have two cats already but they all seem to get along with each other so that's good. the first night she was there was so exhausting. she stayed in the room me and my sister were sleeping in and wouldn't be quiet so we didn't get any sleep that night. turns out all she wanted was a dark, secure space to sleep in (aka a box but with the top shut but not all the way) so now she doesn't whine at all. she's very playful and dumb and I'm glad she isn't skittish and scared. I'm not sure if we're going to keep her for long but I hope we do bc I'm already attached to her haha.


Soo cute. So lovely. I wish I could have one.

I miss having a cat around...My lease doesn't allow pets without a prescription...I Kid U Not! Cheers! That kitten looks like a keeper especially if your other 2 cats are cool with having a new roomie.

Don'e mind @lollipop21 but i hate cats, i think cats are evil. nothing personal and don't take me wrong but i hate, just hate hate hate cats :/

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