I just found out that a once-trusted flea-collar is dangerous and should not be used

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I feel duped. I have trusted this product on several of my dogs in the past because it simply works. I think that in recent light of new events that it worked a little too well because over 2000 dogs have died because of its effects. Thankfully nothing like this has ever happened to my dogs or other people I know who have dogs and use this product, but it would be heartbreaking if it did.

Fleas, ticks, and other parasites are a constant problem for dogs especially in climates like the one I live in where it is never cold. Therefore some of us look for the "best" way out and the Bayer Seresto collar was bar-none the best at preventing all parasites for a very long time...almost a full year.


This product never saw widespread appeal in Thailand because of the fact that it is quite expensive. It would be completely impractical from a financial point of view to attempt to put a near $100 collar on the dogs that we see on the street. This was compounded by the fact that the other dogs in the pack are curious and dogs generally speaking would prefer to not have a collar on and therefore these things would probably get removed from them by other dogs or some humans who don't know what it is.

We never implemented it for these reasons but with the new information coming out, we are double glad that we never did.

I will admit that I do not know the process that companies must go through in order to get these things to market and it has always been a real mystery to me about how something can manage to kill a bunch of very resilient insects but not harm the dog itself. I guess that is because there is always a chance that it is going to harm the dog as well and this is why with the liquids these need to be applied carefully on the back of the neck where the dog can't access it. In our situations we always had to keep any dog that we applied popular creams like Frontline to away from other dogs while it was absorbed because they would lick it off of them.

While Bayer maintains that they have done no wrong there are over 2000 deaths and 100,000 incidents that have occurred in North America alone. There is some talk that these collars can be damaging to human owners as well although I have not read the information. I don't need to read the information: Once a report comes out suggesting the a product can harm dogs in large numbers, we don't use it anymore, full stop.

Canada has already banned the sale of Seresto collars and other countries may follow suit. In the meantime you can still get them but I urge you do not do so. Yes, it is easier to not have to do anything for 8-12 months as far as parasites are concerned, but are you willing to take the chance that this product could actually cause great harm to or even kill your fluffy friend?

There are a great many articles out there about this and you can read one of them here.

I guess you could say that I feel lucky because I have not had any of the experiences that the people in their testimonies have had with their own dogs but it is not a chance I am willing to take. I will not purchase another one of these and I encourage all of you out there to exercise great caution with them as well since it appears as though governments are not willing to step on the toes of the money-making abilities of one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

If you would like to see how you can help out or simply spread the word, please visit our website at



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