Why have a Schnauzer as a pet?

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The breed of Schnauzer dogs, is of German origin and were bred to pursue and hunt, that's why they are dogs that must have a lot of physical activity to feel calm and happy.
They are very intelligent and friendly, but with a defect they are very stubborn, but this defect is opaque or nullifies their ability to love, loyalty and unparalleled fidelity that enamors even the most insensitive of human beings.


For many decades it has been claimed that dogs are the best friends of man, but in case of the Schnauzer are not only the best friends of man, but I dare to say that they are the most loyal and faithful friends that any human being can have.


In my particular case, since I was little I have been a dog lover, I have always had one as a pet and I have raised them and they have spent their whole lives as part of the family.
Currently, Rocket is our pet and is part of the family since he was just 21 days old and since he came to our home, he captivated us in such a way that all the members of our family nucleus love him and protect him as "El Bebe de home".

rocket peq4.png

Today with his three years of age, he is the first to go out to meet me when he arrives at home always with an incomparable joy and that for more problems that he may have on the street or at work he with his love unlocks me and brings me out a smile and it transmits me peace, joy and love as nobody can do it.

rocket chiquito.jpg

When I was little, Rocket hid under the beds, in the closet and closets, which made it very difficult to find him and he fell asleep and did not heed the call he made, what I came up with was to put a little bell on him. the necklace and it was the only way to locate it.
It is surprising to see how humanized these friends of man can be and who never ceases to amaze me with their occurrences and follies.


Without taking into account how photogenic they are, yes, Rocket is a very bad model but when he manages to take the picture he never goes wrong, he is an artist.



On the other hand, the name of Rocket was chosen by my daughter and my grandson inspired by the character in the movie "The Guardians of the Galaxy".
Definitely, the Schnauzer is a companion, faithful friend and confidant, excellent listening to you when you want to vent and will never betray you.

rocket 3.jpg

Finally, the puppies are eternal "children" despite the passage of time and that has been considered over the years that for each year of life of the dog are seven human years.

Rocket is my partner and my most loyal friend!

Note: All pictures were taken by me

Note: All pictures were taken by me

I hope you enjoyed my post, until next time.

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