Late update on the Puppy Show

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Waiting for the first round.

On last Sunday we were in a Puppy Show with Ninnu. I promised an update but did not provide as we were quite tired after the show. Sorry about that, here's the update though. :)

While she did win the Best of Breed, she was dropped off as soon as we entered the group competition. I guess she wasn't ready for it yet. :)

We had to wait for 3 hours before the group competition started, so it was a small disappointment for me because of the wait.

Anyhow, here are some photos I took from the show:

Making rounds.

Getting checked up by the judge.

"Why U strangle me?"

Small reward for being a brave little pup.

Group competition rounds.

Yup, that's it. I wanted to post a photo I took of her and the prizes, but I will need to re-do it because I got the lighting and camera setup all wrong. I wasn't quite feeling it because we were all tired after the show.

Hope you like these photos. Upvote and share if you do! :)


In last photography I could see there are lot other competitors! Honestly Ninnu is the most cutest from all! Congratz for the winning of "Best of Breed"!


So cute puppy. Most innocent, beautiful and loyal creature.

Yup i also love pet and also nice dog show .

The photos are excellent. I really love dogs, but living in a small town I have no opportunity to attend such events. Thank you for sharing

You had the wife to walk Ninnu on stage. Good choice. :)

I was all prepped to go and do it myself, but then the thought came to me that I couldn't take any photos if I did, so I asked Vera to do it instead.

Hi gamer00. Looks like the judge is taking it seriously. Bit shitty waiting all that time for nothing. Good experience though as you will know what to expect next time. Best of breed is very good though.

Nice to have updates from the puppy show great shots you have shared :)

Well, friend Jaro, Ninnu behaved as we say in Venezuela .. like a television artist .. is a saying is a compliment. follow the successes

Ninnu has started getting involved in competition. Cool.

Congratulations on winning Best of Breed. That's too bad you had to wait so long just to get eliminated right away in the group competition, but at least she won something!

Ninnu looks so innocent and so cute.I really like puppy.Very amazing dog show.I love this dog show.

Fortunately the contestant didn't get frustrated at all because she didn't know what she was doing there hahaha

wwaw. ulu ulu Puppy ........ ulu ulu pappy. Love for u and Puppy

how beautiful it was, excellent, congratulations

Ninnu is looking so sweeeeeet .

Waiting would take a bit of fun out of it.

Ninnu is most beautiful pet in this show .

Ninnu is looking very nice in all pics . Second last pic is awesome .

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