Cat Pee and Frame Paint

in petcare •  6 months ago

As I was sleeping last night one of my cats Swifty peed on my bed near my feet. I woke up not knowing this, but heard him in the bathroom litter box as I got up, so I assumed all was well. He was having trouble like this recently and I thought the remedy I purchased called UTI-Free by PetAlive was working. Today I realized I didn't administer it correctly or frequent enough. So he peed on me to show me he still wasn't feeling good. He accomplished this after climbing under the sliding door to the bedroom, I had closed it to keep him from peeing on me. I suppose he was determined to let me know about his lack of progress of healing because the door only has about 3" of space under it down to the carpet.

I yelled at him when I found this all out and then felt extremely bad because I was wrong in doing that. It hurt very much to yell at him. He had gotten so scared and motioned himself into pee-stance to continue showing me that he had a UTI. I should have realized he's too smart to be doing something like that just because he couldn't get his way of going outside at 3am. So today I'll be watching him more and giving him this remedy several times a day, and if things don't get better I will bring him in to a vet (which I haven't done at this location yet).


I got several things done on the 4runner which included welding the rest of the leaf spring perches on, shock mounts, cross brace and then moving on to paint and final cleaning. This is a 1987 4runner that I have been doing various things to including but not limited to: rebuilt 22re engine with crawler cam, dual transfer cases, locked differentials front and rear, 4:88 gears, custom wiring, warn winch... In the second to last pic on this page you can see the inside frame plating that I have done to strengthen the frame complete with rosette welds (run of the mill). I'm completing the rear suspension setup around Ford F150 truck springs turned around (installed backwards) to have a long flexy spring without a large overhang. Gearhead talk! One of the things I am focusing on with this build is keeping it LOW not lifted. Lower center of gravity is more stable off road. Thank you Yotatech and especially Pirate4x4 forums.

I shot some compressed air inside the frame rails and over all the areas, then I sprayed the inside of the frame with Zinc internal frame coating by Eastwood. I used 2 1/2 cans on the back half of the truck. Good stuff! Kind of messy, and it uses a hose with a nozzle that you wiggle around inside the frame. I like the flat green look, although most of it IS inside the frame. The test pieces I did 5 years ago haven't rusted. Eastwood makes high quality paints and other products... I've been using them for a loooong time, since 1988.




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