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The name of this flower is Asters Daisy.

I really love taking picture of flowers that has dew on it. The picture looks really great. It looks really fresh for my eyes to see. For me, looking at it makes me feel relax and inspired.

Aside from being very beautiful, I found interesting fact about this flower while doing research about it. The word Asters was derived from a Greek word which means "stars" reffering  to the shape of the flower head.

Asters are a rich source of nectar also, and because they flower at the height of monarch butterflymigration season, they are a frequent way station for these insects. The flowers are also bee magnets, so individuals with bee sensitivities should plant asters away from the garden path.


Once you have seen them in full bloom, you will want nothing else.

Thanks to @sardrt and @adrianobalan for creating @petals and the  #petals contests. 

This is my entry to #petals contest: #flowers . I hope you like it. 

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Nice flower.

Thank you @rudd883 . Followed you. 😊

so pretty flower :) first time to see these kind of flower :) thanks for sharing @gracealone

Nice content and good research @zhayie03!

Appreciate it bj. Thanks. 😉

good job you taught me something :)

Really? Thank you sir! 😊

Pamilyar.. Hehe

Really? Awesome! 😄

Wow ang ganda naman po ate Sy 😊

Salamat rose. 😘

Beatiful flower, as beautiful as you @zhayie03😄

The best comment ive ever read. 😂😂 thanks @jasonabejero 😂😛 ✌

I'm looking forward to the spring starting here. Right now all is brown, even the grass. Nothing is coming to life yet.
In a couple of weeks the flowers will start to grow.

Thanks @faisalrajput . I hope the host of the contest will like it too. 😁

Your hope is your success 😁

Upvoted! Keep awesome!

Wow! Very well-researched! I didn't know about the monarch butterflies and the bees. New information for me! 😊 Thanks! 😊

Lovely flowers!

You really exert effort and time to do research. Worth reading and seeing your photos! It's true by just merely looking at your Asters it so relaxing and fascinating how much more of its real. Read, followed, upvoted and commented by rubelynmacion of krypto

nice one, keep it up. @chetachi26

Very interesting, nice work. ID @grace234

great job, thanks for sharing @jamescrusader

Beautifully done for the photos and I love the colors on the petals :)

I'm coming to you from @kryptonia with the same user name.

Maghusay :-)

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